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How do you calculate your fees?
Our quotes are based upon a standard evening, where the band arrives at 6pm, plays two sets and finishes playing no later than 12pm. Please let us know the timings and agenda for your event. We take into account the day of the week as we can offer a lower fee for mid week gigs.Travel expenses are calculated and added to the fee if the venue is beyond a 10 mile radius of Nottingham. For distances further than 2.5 hours from Nottingham, overnight accommodation might be required at an additional cost to be arranged. As a guide, your budget for the band would therefore be in the region of £600-£800 plus travel, but please let us know if you have a particular budget or something specific in mind.
Where can we come and see you?
The vast majority of our events are private functions which can make it difficult to arrange a viewing. However, we are so proud of what we do that we would welcome any opportunity for you to come to see and hear us. We will do our best to arrange something and let you know. Our video and recordings give a good representation of how the band sounds live and it has been mentioned that we sound even better live.
What do I need to do to book the band?
After being in contact with you and agreeing a fee, we will provisionally reserve your date in our diary. We can secure your booking with a 20% deposit along with a signed contract. The remaining balance is then due 7 days before the event or in cash on the night before the start of our performance.
How far will you travel?
We are based in Nottingham but play UK wide. Venues more than 3 hours drive away will require an overnight stop, incurring additional charges. We are happy to negotiate the price in these circumstances.
How much time do you need to set up?
60-90 minutes from arriving to being set up and ready. Sound checking is best done without any guests in the room if possible. We like to arrive around 2 hours before the start time allowing us to set up, get changed and have some refreshment before we start playing.
What do you need from us?
All we need is a power socket for our stage set up, somewhere suitable to wash and change and we will need to make arrangements to park three/four vehicles. We can often arrange these things with the venue. Also, we would really appreciate being provided with refreshments and some food to sustain us (especially for gigs that involve a lot of travel).
How much space do you need?
We normally ask for a space 16' wide x 8' deep but can squeeze into smaller spaces if needed.
How long do you play for?
We usually play 2 x 1 hour sets but we are flexible and will fit in with your schedule. We can play as a duo during your meal for up to 2 hours and can play shorter or longer sets as needed. Please note however that performance times will need to be arranged in writing before the event and that there will be an additional charge to play significantly beyond the agreed finishing time.
What happens between sets?
We play a selection of continuous dance music (or background music) suitable for your event before and between our sets. Let us know in advance if there is a certain style you would like. We can also play your own CDs or mp3 player.
Do you bring your own PA and lighting?
Yes, we are fully self-contained and provide all the equipment necessary for your event. For audiences over 400 we will need to hire in extra PA equipment, but this can be easily arranged.
Is your equipment insured?
Yes, all of our equipment is PAT tested and we are covered for Public Liability Insurance.
Do you have different line-ups or change musicians?
No. A lot of function bands will try to provide different line-up by offering to add musicians in an effort to be flexible. We think this is a disadvantage as additional musicians can be unprepared and unfamiliar with the core band. With us, what you see is what you get - no backing tracks, no pick n mix musicians, just a well-rehearsed tight band offering a consistently fantastic performance, every time! However, if there is a situation where one of us is ill we will not let you down. We can call upon substitutes that we've hand picked and that are able to meet our high standards.
Will I need to hire a DJ?
We can play a selection of continuous dance music (or background music) before and between our sets. Most clients find that they do not need a DJ in addition to the band.
Can you set up earlier in the day or the day before?
Yes we can but we may have to make an additional charge if it's more than 3 hours before we are due to play. We would not normally set up the day before as we never like to leave our equipment unattended.
What do you wear?
Usually we wear smart attire (suits, waistcoats and ties) & Laura always looks stunning in her cocktail dresses! But if you would prefer a less formal look, we're happy to dress accordingly for your event!
How loud are you?
We are not a rock band with deafening guitars and screaming vocals. We like to play at a level that suits the venue and is loud enough to create a great energy for dancing without being over-powering. Our PA equipment is state-of-the-art and provides a hi-fi quality sound so it's always comfortable to listen to at any volume.
Can you play outside?
Yes, but we will need adequate cover to protect us and our equipment from the elements. A suitable power supply will need to be provided close to the performance area and a flat, dry and stable surface is required.
What do you need in terms of power supply?
We need a double 13amp socket close to the performance area.
Can we use your microphone for announcements?
Yes, no problem. However, bear in mind that this would need to be from the stage as using a microphone in front of the main PA speakers can cause horrible feedback! If you require a radio mic then your venue may be able to provide this.
Can I choose the set that you play?
Because of our experience, we feel we are best equipped to choose the songs and the order in which we play them. This is partly what you are paying us for. However, whilst confirming your booking with us , please feel free to choose any songs that you particularly like from our repertoire and we will do our utmost to ensure they are played on the night.
Can you learn a song for us?
We have a selection of first dance suggestions listed on our repertoire page. However, we can learn a song for your first dance (free of charge) but we usually ask for a selection to choose from. It's best to talk to us as soon as possible to discuss your ideas. That way we can select something that is suitable for Laura to sing and will sound most effective with our line up.
Can you perform requests on the night?
When you book the band, feel free to go through our repertoire and highlight songs that you particularly do (or do not!) want us to play. We can also take requests from our set list on the night. We have high standards and do not like to perform a song that is unrehearsed. If you would like songs that are not in our repertoire (apart from first dance songs) we would negotiate a charge to cover studio and rehearsal costs.
Can we sing or play with the band?
The band does not allow guests to use any of our instruments or equipment. We can provide a microphone if you would like someone to sing with their own backing track on an iPod/mp3 player. We may be able to back a singer but this would need to be arranged well in advance and may incur a charge to cover rehearsals. Please note however that we would discourage having people coming up to sing as this can often ruin any atmosphere that the band works hard to create.

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